The Land Compensation Board is a quasi-judicial board established by the Expropriation Act. 
Resolving Disputes
Resolving Disputes

There are many ways to resolve expropriation or compensation related issues before the Board. Not all of these avenues require a hearing. Throughout the compensation process, the parties are encouraged to discuss issues and potential resolutions with each other. Some of the processes available at the Board are:

  • Pre-Hearing Dispute Resolution Conference (DRC): An informal telephone meeting where a Board Member or Case Manager helps the parties define the issues and areas in agreement or in dispute. If necessary, the Board Member or Case Manager will assist the parties to prepare for mediation or a hearing. Read more >>

  • Mediation: The Board can assist the parties with mediation to resolve their dispute. Read more >>

  • Hearing: Hearings are a quasi-judicial process in which a Board Panel will listen to evidence from each side and issue an order. Read more >>

  • Appealing to the Court: After the Board makes an order, that order can be appealed to the Alberta Court of Appeal. Read more >>

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This website provides general guidance only and is not offered as legal advice. Each case is unique. The details on this website may not apply to every case, or to future decisions of the Board. Please contact the Land Compensation Board office if you have any questions.