Application Types

Overviews of the Land Compensation Board's processes and requirements.

Resolving Disputes

Information on the Board's dispute resolution options and processes.


Guidelines, information, helpful links, and FAQs to assist in understanding the Board’s processes.


The Land Compensation Board is a quasi-judicial board established by the Expropriation Act. The role of the Board is, in certain circumstances, to inquire into and decide whether an expropriation should proceed; and to determine compensation payable where land has been expropriated by an authority and the parties do not agree. 


At present, all SRB and LCB hearings will proceed as scheduled. Telephone Mediation and Dispute Resolution Conferences will not be affected. However, for oral hearings scheduled in the next three months, the Board administration will be contacting the parties to determine whether there are unique issues in a particular hearing that could be addressed by postponement or proceeding on the basis of written submissions or a telephone or skype conference. For hearings that do proceed, the Board will take risk mitigation steps including providing hand sanitizer and adhering to recommended distances between individuals. Please contact the Board for further information and updates.

In light of the recent spread of COVID-19, the Land Compensation Board will accept for filing, as alternative to the requirement to file an affidavit proving service (s. 2(2) and s. 3(2) of the Expropriation Act Rules of Procedure and Practice):

  1. A digital statement from counsel for the other party stating that they have accepted service of the application/reply on behalf of their client; and

  2. The consent of the other party to filing the acknowledgement of service instead of an affidavit of service.

Please note the Board will accept digital copies of the Application and Reply.

This Procedure does not alter any other requirements or enlarge timelines contained in the Expropriation Act or the Expropriation Act Rules of Procedure and Practice.

Expropriation Process

A step-by-step guide on the Board's expropriation processes set out by the Expropriation Act, Regulations (Rules of Procedure and Practice, Forms Regulation), and other legislation. View More >>


Information on the applications that can be made to the Board to resolve compensation issues and other matters. View More >> 

Resolving Disputes

Information on the Board's various dispute resolution options and processes. Some of these processes include: pre-hearing dispute resolution conferences, mediation, and compensation hearings. View More >> 


Guidelines, information, FAQs and helpful links to assist in understanding the Board's processes. View More >> 

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