The Land Compensation Board is a quasi-judicial board established by the Expropriation Act. 
Other Claims
Minimize Alberta Land Stewardship Act

An owner may apply to the Crown for compensation if they have suffered a compensable taking as a result of a regional plan or an amendment to a regional plan. The owner must apply within 12 months of the regional plan or amendments coming into force (ALSA, section 19.1(2)). If the dispute continues for more than 60 days, the owner or the Crown may apply to the Board to resolve whether the registered owner has suffered a compensable taking and/or the amount of any compensation payable in respect of the compensable taking (ALSA, section 19.1(3)).

An owner may also apply to the Board under section 38 of the ALSA for a determination of compensation if the owner and the Crown cannot agree to compensation payable under a conservation directive.

Minimize Irrigation Districts Act

Although a party cannot dispute the right of the district to remove a parcel from the district in accordance with the Irrigation Districts Act, a landowner may appeal the amount of compensation related to the removal. An irrigator receiving a written notice under subsection 2 may enter into an agreement with the district for compensation respecting the parcel. Where the irrigator and the district are unable to reach an agreement, the owner may refer the matter to the Board within 60 days after the date that a written notice is received.

According to section 87(9) of the Irrigation Districts Act, the Board may order the district to pay compensation to the owner for the parcel in an amount based on the difference between the market value of the land and improvements once irrigation acres are deleted from the assessment roll and the parcel is removed from the district.

Minimize Water Act

Under the Water Act (section 158), the Director must authorize payment of compensation to the licensee for any losses incurred as a result of the amendment, suspension or cancellation or the water management order. If the licensee or preliminary certificate holder does not agree with the amount of compensation authorized, the licensee or preliminary certificate holder may appeal the amount to the Board (Water Act, section 158(2)).

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