RULES for determining compensation

Factors to be excluded when determining compensation:

Special Rules for determining compensation

Rules concerning Costs (Section 39 of the Expropriation Act)

  • Expropriating Authority must pay owner’s reasonable legal, appraisal and other costs
  • Board may also reduce or deny costs where it determines “special circumstances” exist

Rules concerning Interest:

  • Expropriating Authority must pay interest from date of acquisition or disturbance at the rate the Land Compensation Board considers “just” (Section 66(1) of the Expropriation Act)
  • Special rules apply if:
    - Owner remains on the property after expropriation
    - Expropriating Authority delayed in notifying owner of proposed payment
    - proposed payment was less than 80% of the actual award (Section 66(2-5) of the Expropriation Act

Effective September 27, 2010
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