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The Board places a high value on its Mediation program. Parties are encouraged to consider the use of mediation as the primary way to resolve disputes.
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Please click here for the Mediation Guideline.

Mediation Services for the Board 

As part of the Boards’ continuing commitment to assist in the resolution of disputes, we are pleased to announce that Don Sibbald, Q.C. has agreed to provide mediation services for the Board. Mr. Sibbald was a Board Member for 12 years and brings a wealth of mediation and adjudication experience to this role. For further  information or to arrange for a mediation, we invite you to contact Jill Mason, Director, Dispute Resolution:

By email at

By phone at 780-427-9388   

Pre-Hearing Dispute Resolution Conference

Pre-Hearing Dispute Resolution Conferences are the first step in an application (unless the parties request that their matter go directly to mediation). The purpose of the conference is to discuss the issues, evidence, and likelihood of resolution, then set the next steps.
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Effective September 27, 2010
Our new address is as follows:

1229 91 ST SW
Edmonton AB T6X 1E9